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5 signs you may need emergency dental care

Oral injuries can vary from mild to extreme. They can also take on many different forms, be caused by different factors, and occur at any time of the day. When faced with an oral injury, some people are not sure whether they need to seek dental treatment right away or simply wait for a more […]

VirusKiller System Protects Dental Patients

Amid concerns for safety in dental practices, one UK dental group has made a significant investment to ensure safety for both their team and patients. Riverdale Healthcare, which incorporates 17 dental practices in the North East and North Yorkshire, have announced that they will be first UK dental group to have the revolutionary Radic8, VirusKiller […]

Reopening After Covid-19

You may be wondering what steps we’ve taken to ensure your safety when you next visit our practice. It is now clear that the entire landscape of dentistry will change at least during the transmission phase of COVID-19. It has forced the dental profession to revisit its entire infection control method and policy and no […]

Patient Safety

We are looking forward to the day when we can see our patients again and are busy preparing. To ensure we are safe for everyone, we wanted to share with you some of the changes you will see next time you visit. 

Bleeding Gums during Coronavirus Outbreak

Gums can bleed for a number of different reasons. Gums might bleed on brushing due to mild inflammation but often stops soon afterwards. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped within a few minutes press a clean cloth or piece of packing to the area and call the practice for advice. Common causes of bleeding gums: Trauma […]

Dental Pulpal Pain during Coronavirus

Correct as of 24th March 2020 9am Toothache is extremely unpleasant, which is why your dentist always does everything they can to accommodate patients in pain. In these extraordinary times our ability to attend the Practice or have the personnel available to attend may be curtailed. This guidance is an attempt to tell you what […]

Lost Fillings and Broken Teeth – during Covid-19

We understand that losing a filling can be a concerning and worrying time. It can leave your teeth sharp which can make your lips and tongue sore, it can sometimes leave your smile looking unsightly and the tooth can become more sensitive to extremes of temperature or even end up giving you an ache. However, […]

Denture Problems during Covid-19 disruption

Correct as of 24th March 2020. If your denture is broken, as we write, some labs are still open to mend your denture, however not all are. Please call the practice to see if we can help. If your denture is loose or rubbing you may find denture fixative like Polygrip or Fixodent may help […]