Alpha Plus

Alpha Plus  – payment plans for you and your family

Budgeting for your dental health has never been so easy…

Whilst our practices primarily offer quality treatment under the NHS, we also offer patients the option to be treated privately at any of our studios.

alpha plus (dentistry with added benefits) From only £12.00 per month

There are a host of reasons why you would chose to be an alpha plus patient.

1. Bypass our NHS waiting lists and be seen straight away by your dentist of choice – access to dental treatment when you need it.   alpha plus patients have access to early / late appointment times as well as some Saturday appointments.

2. Our lead dentists spend more time maximising your dental health, talking you through what is going on in your mouth and what your options are in detail

3. Direct access to hygienist services are available privately with regular visits you can help to improve your long-term dental health

4. Different materials are offered with alpha plus as well as some specific treatments are only available privately including:

nb. essentially no clinical difference between NHS or private treatment.

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